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RUMOUR: LFC Favourites To Sign Gotze

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  • RUMOUR: LFC Favourites To Sign Gotze

    Paul Joyce in the Daily Express who is one of the most trustable journalists on LFC matters reckons that a 20 million deal for Mario Gotze is as good as done

    I'll be made up if we bring him in A World Cup winner who has worked with Klopp before to much success and with plenty to prove after a bit of a disaster under Guardiola at Bayern is exactly what we want to see at Anfield Bring it on!

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    This would be a huge scalp, cheap too.

    I don't mean to do a John but this is why Liverpool are leaps and bounds ahead of the likes of West Ham and Southampton. This summer we will possibly be a better destination than Chelsea, Man Utd, etc.


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      Have to say I disagree with the notion that that's what makes us bigger than West Ham etc We would never have even got close to his signature with Rodgers at the helm This is all about Klopp and the fact that he's such a draw for players

      Anyway getting back on topic it's now being widely reported that Gotze is one of our main targets this summer Brilliant news It would be a genuinely great signing for the club and a real signal of intent

      I do agree that thanks to Klopp we'll be a better draw than United and Chelsea this summer Fancy us to have a real tilt at the title next season Could be our best chance with pretty much every other club having a new manager


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        Not sure we are ready for a title tilt, then again why not, that's what everyone thought in 2014


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          Why don't you think we're ready for a title tilt? Not being provocative with that question just genuinely interested Don't forget Leicester City were 7 points from the bottom at Easter last year and now they're seven points clear at the top Hardly out of the realms of the possible that we could put pressure on at the top of the table give we'll likely have a much better squad than Leicester at the start of next season

          Klopp's starting to get to grips with the Premier League now so we'll be in a much better position next year Also worth remembering that in all likelihood United City and Arsenal will all have new managers so us and Tottenham will be the most settled top sides in the league


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            Not sure we are ready for a title tilt, then again why not, that's what everyone thought in 2014

            I'm not sure Tommy was saying we are not ready, looks like he is on the fence from what he said? Then again he can speak for himself.

            Football is all about momentum and if we get momentum, keep key players fit and make additions that can adapt quickly there is no reason why not. Chelsea still won't be all there, City have got Pep but even then it will take a little while for him to settle and Arsenal are not the team they were. I think it could be between us and Spurs next year.


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              I think it could be between us and Spurs next year.

              Big shout that, Bully, but I bloody love a big shout! Well on board with that sort of thing!

              At the end of the 2012-2013 season we put a run of games together and developed a bit of consistency. It spilled over into the 2013-2014 campaign and we all know what happened there. I'm in total agreement with you about momentum. It's also really important that the other clubs won't be in the same position as us for a number of reasons]

              -United will either have a new manager or they'll still have LvG. Either way they'll struggle for consistency
              -Chelsea will have a new manager and it will be difficult for him to get the players firing after the disaster they've suffered this season
              -Arsenal, like United, will either have a new manager or Wenger and either way will struggle to compete
              -Manchester City will have a new manager in Pep. There's two reasons that matters]

              Spurs are likely to be the only genuinely top side that will have a quality manager AND one who has settled and got the players firing on all cylinders apart from us. The more I think about it the more convinced I am that we're going to compete for the title next season.

              It's why a strong finish to this campaign is vital and it's why winning the Europa would be huge. It would not only get us into the Champions League - and therefore offer better transfer targets - but it will also prove to the players that Klopp knows what he's talking about and he'll get an additional buy-in off them because of that. Winning breeds winning.
              It's raining men, hallelujah


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                Anyone seen any early prices on Liverpool to win the league?

                Oooh I know a reverse forecast bet for Liverpool and Tottenham could be a good earner.

                I do want to point out a major difference in 2013/14 was a lack of European footy so it will be interesting to see if we are in the CL or EL or neither.


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                  That's a very good point about the European football, John. I think that comes down to the managers and the squad, though. Rodgers only trusted fourteen or fifteen players. Klopp, as we've seen recently, is willing to use the squad in a big way. He's also just a much better manager, and I really liked Rodgers.

                  What's a reverse forecast, by the way? Is that a 'one of them will win it' type thing?
                  It's raining men, hallelujah


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                    A reverse forecast is where you pick two teams (or horses or anything else) to finish in the top two but in any order


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                      Ah ok, thanks for that! I'll definitely be looking into that for next season. Though of course the reality is that City have had their traditional season off for the last two years so I thoroughly expect us to get 99 points and them to get 100.
                      It's raining men, hallelujah


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                        I feel that next year could be our major chance at the league, leave it any later and there may just be too many other good teams on form at the same time


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                          Totally agree RM It may take a while for Guardiola to get City playing exactly how he wants them playing and the same with Conte at Chelsea and whoever ends up at United The main threat will be Pochettino at Spurs All things considered I can't see Leicester staying at the top end of the division with European football to cope with for the first time but then I suppose we've said that they'd drop off all season long!


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                            I wouldn't dismiss anything with Leicester, you never know they could even do a Forest and go on and win the European cup!?


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                              Well sufficed to say I was totally wrong about Tottenham Now that the dust has settled it's clear that they've just played reasonably well in a god-awful season Yes they've done well but the 'amazing' Pochettino side actually finished with less points than the 'disastrous' AvB side of a couple of years ago In my opinion this season is a complete anomaly Fair play to Leicester for being the only team to play with consistency but actually I don't think Spurs will be that big of a threat next season